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I'm an AVID/Premiere editor working across all formats and genres. I seem to have begun to specialise in comedy, but it's all about the story for me. If a moment should be funny I'll try and make it funny, if it should be melancholy I can do that too, if it should be moving, tense, violent... You get the idea.

Editing credits include shows for Netflix, Viceland, C4, ITV1. BBC, and AMC, working closely with brilliant directors like Victoria Pile (Green Wing/Campus/Smack The Pony) and Gordon Anderson (Fresh Meat/Lovesick) and writers like Jon Brown (Peep Show/VEEP/Loadedand Tom Edge (The Crown/Lovesick).

I love to work on scripted shows, but I'm also only too happy to be left alone on a documentary or with improvised footage to create a story in the edit.

I'm also an occasional scriptwriter. I was one of the writers on Channel 4's Campus (as well as sole editor) as well as recently writing the short film 'To Wendy Who Kicked Me When I Said I Love You' which was selected as part of the London Calling selection for the 2017 BFI London Film Festival.


PS - If you want to see To Wendy  in all of its glory, please contact me and I'll SORT IT x 

PPS - This photo isn't me. It's Montserat Lombard playing the eponymous Wendy.


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